• Regular Activities

    Department of Surgery, Queen Mary Hospital (The University of Hong Kong)
    Date: 1 January 2019 – 31 December 2019
    Enquiries: Department of Surgery, Queen Mary Hospital (The University of Hong Kong)

    AA00416              Neurosurgery Grand Round (Weekly Mon)

    AA00417              Paediatric Surgery Clinical Meeting (Weekly Wed)

    AA00418              HN Tumour Board Meeting (Weekly Mon)

    AA00419              ENT Clinical Problem Solving Meeting (Weekly Tue)

    AA00420              Head & Neck/ Plastic Surgery Clinical Problem Solving Meeting (Weekly Wed)

    AA00421              Vascular Surgery Clinical Meeting (Weekly Mon)

    AA00422              Vascular Joint X-ray Meeting (Monthly Fri)

    AA00423              Combined Paediatric & Surgical Round (Weekly Mon)

    AA00424              Neurosurgical Case Conference (Weekly Thu)

    AA00425              EGI MDT Meeting (Bi-weekly Thu)

    AA00426              Breast Surgery Clinical Meeting (Weekly Thu)

    AA00427              Combined Colorectal Cancer Meeting (Monthly 1st & 3rd Fri)

    AA00428              Colorectal Surgery Clinical Meeting (Weekly Wed)

    AA00429              Neurosurgical Journal & Research Meeting (Weekly Thu)

    AA00430              Urology Clinical Meeting (Weekly Mon)

    AA00431              Uroradiology Meeting (Bi-weekly Mon)

    AA00432              Uro-oncology Meeting (Bi-weekly Wed)

    AA00433              Joint Renal Transplant Meeting (Bi-weekly Wed)

    AA00434              Neuro X-ray Meeting (Bi-weekly 1st & 3rd Thur)

    AA00435              Breast Surgery Clinical Multidisciplinary Team Meeting (Bi-weekly Mon)

    AA00436              Radiosurgery Meeting (Monthly 1st Thu)

    AA00437              Neurovascular Meeting (Monthly 3rd Thu)

    AA00438              Paediatric Surgery Journal Club (Monthly 1st Wed)

    AA00439              Paediatric Surgery Audit Meeting (Monthly 3rd Wed)

    AA00440              Paediatric Joint X-ray Meeting (Monthly 2nd Tue)

    AA00441              Paediatric Joint Pathology/Surgery Meeting (Monthly 4th Tue)

    AA00442              Tumour Board Meeting (Monthly 2nd & 4th Tue)

    AA00443              Combined Brain Tumour Meeting (Monthly 4th Thu)

    AA00444              Journal Review (Monthly 1st Tue)

    AA00445              Resident Research Presentation (Monthly 3rd Tue)

    AA00446              Research Meeting (Monthly1st & 3rd Tue)

    AA00447              Census Meeting (Weekly Wed)

    AA00448              Grand Round (Monthly 2nd Tue)

    AA00449              Resident Trainee Presentation (Monthly 2nd Tue of odd month)

    AA00451              Service Round (Monthly 4th Tue)

    AA00452              Service Round (Monthly 5th Tue)

    AA00509              CPC/ Grand Round (Monthly 2nd Tue)

    Date Start: 2019-01-01
    Date End: 2019-12-31