• President's Message

    I am most honored and privileged to serve as the President of the College of Surgeons of Hong Kong.

    I am in the awe of the work and vision of my predecessors and I hope not only to maintain the highest standards that they have set but to move forward with innovations to current and future challenges necessary to achieve great art and science of surgery.

    To sustain our high-quality surgical training and education in the modern working environment, change is needed to strike for improvement.  There has been a trend for international surgical colleges to head to a modular and competency based approach and such work are in good progress. Competency assessments will be strengthened in both basic surgical training and higher surgical training so as to generate greater trainer and trainee engagement in the workplace and to ensure robust evaluations and feedback. More training courses and trainer courses will be organized to address the training needs of trainees and trainers.

    To continue with the work set by our previous council, changes to our examinations will be phased out to keep our standard on par with international standards. Quality assurance of our examinations will further be strengthened. Credentialing work has already taken its root and it will continue to build on, in collaboration with the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine. We will continue to seek opportunities to partner with our counterparts around the world particularly the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and our accredited mainland centres, so that we can reap the benefit of the exchange of surgical expertise and mutual understanding of diversities, as well as to broaden the breadth of exposure of our trainees and Younger Fellows.

    With the commitment and effort from our distinguished colleagues, I trust that the future of our surgical fraternity would ever blossom. I look forward to the support and views from our Members and Fellows, as your inputs are essential to realization of our endeavours and goals.

    Professor Paul Bo-san LAI