• Regular Activities

    Department of Surgery, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Prince of Wales Hospital)
    Date: 01 Jan 2020 - 31 Dec 2020

    AA01094 Surgical Grand Round (Monthly on 1st Thu) 1 CME point

    AA01095 Mortality & Morbidity Meeting (Twice a month on Thu) 1 CME point

    AA01096 Research Meeting (Weekly on Wed) 1 CME point

    AA01097 General Surgical Team Journal Club (Monthly on 3rd Thur) 1 CME point

    AA01098 X-ray Meeting Monthly on 1st Mon) 1 CME point

    AA01099 Surgical Laboratory Research Meeting (Monthly on Mon) 1 CME point

    AA01100 Plastic Surgery Journal Club (Weekly on Thu) 1 CME point

    AA01102 Clinical Neurosience Friday Lunch Time Meeting (Weekly on Fri) 2 CME points

    AA01103 Board of Paediatric Surgery – Interhospital Scientific Meeting (Yearly) 1.5 CME points

    AA01104 Joint Paediatric Surgical and Radiological Conference (Bi-weekly) 1 CME point

    AA01105 Paediatric Surgery Case Management and Audit Meeting (Monthly on 2nd Mon) 1 CME point

    AA01106 Paediatric Surgery Journal Club (Monthly on 4thMon) 1 CME point

    AA01107 NTE Cluster Urology Clinico-Pathology Conference (Bi-monthly on Wed) 1 CME point

    AA01108 NTE Cluster Urology X-ray Meeting (Monthly on 3rd Tue) 1 CME point

    AA01109 Urology Journal Club (Monthly) 1 CME point

    AA01110 NTW Cluster Uro-Onocology Conference (Bi-monthly on Wed) 1 CME point

    AA01111 Urology Research Meeting (Monthly) 1 CME point

    AA01112 Cardiothoracic Surgery Teaching Round (Bi-weekly on Fri) 1 CME point

    AA01113 Interhospital Clinical Meeting in Cardiothoracic Surgery (Bi-monthly on Last Fri) 1.5 CME points

    AA01114 Multi-disciplinary Team Meeting , Pead Haematology/ Oncology (Bi-weekly on Wed) 1 CME point

    AA01115 Joint Endo-Surgery Meeting (Bi-weekly on Fri) 1 CME point

    AA01116 Combined Paediatric Surgery Quality & Risk Management (QRM) Meeting (3 times per year) 1 CME point

    AA01117 Joint Neuroendocrine Tumor Meeting (Bi-monthly on Thurs) 1 CME point

    AA01118 Endocrine X-ray Meeting (Monthly on last Tue) 1 CME point

    AA01119 NTE Cluster Urology M&M Meeting (Monthly on Wed) 1 CME point

    AA01120 Cluster Upper GI Tumour Board Meeting (Monthly on 2nd Mon) 1 CME point

    AA01121 CRC Tumor Board Meeting (Monthly on 2nd Wed) 1 CME point

    AA01122 HBP Tumour Board Meeting (Monthly on 3rd Mon) 1 CME point

    AA01123 Aortic MDT Meeting (Monthly on 2nd last Fri) 1 CME point

    AA01124 Thoracic MDT Meeting (Monthly on 2nd last Fri) 1 CME point

    AA01125 Cardiothoracic Surgery Journal Club (Bi- monthly) 1 CME point

    AA01126 Cardiothoacic Surgery Mortality & Morbidity Meeting (Bi- monthly) 1 CME point

    AA01043 Neurosurgery Research Meeting (Monthly on 4th or 5th Fri) 1.5 CME points

    Date Start: 2020-01-01
    Date End: 2020-12-31