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  • RCSEd/CSHK Conjoint Scientific Congress 2021 - Competitions Results

    Date : 20 September 2021

    Dear Fellows, Members and trainees,

    RCSEd/CSHK Conjoint Scientific Congress 2021

    11-12 September 2021

    The Free Paper Session, Motion Picture Session and Poster Round at the Conjoint Scientific Congress 2021 were held successfully on 12 September 2021.

    We are pleased to announce the results as follows:

    The RCSEd China Medal: Dr Stephanie Wing-yin YU

    The CSHK Award: Dr Anna Yuen-ting WONG

    The Best Motion Picture Award: Dr Christopher Hiu-fung SUM

    The Best Poster Award: Dr Henry Hong-yin LIE

    The award presentation will be conducted at the Conferment Ceremony 2022.

    Congratulations to the awardees and we look forward to your future participation in the Congress.

    Best Regards,

    Congress Secretariat