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  • Chairlady’s Message

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    The newly elected Executive Committee Members of the Women's Chapter for the term 2022-2025 include: Dr Violet Yee-kei TSOI (Chairlady), Dr Xina LO (Vice Chairlady), Dr Siu-king LAW (Secretary), Dr Dora Kai-chun TAI (Treasurer), and Dr Kitty Kit-ying AU-YEUNG, Dr Tiffany Hoi-woon CHIU, Dr Kylie Joan-yi SZETO (Committee Members). The Committee represents a good mix of lady surgeons and lady Higher Surgical Trainees from different specialties.

    The Committee aims to provide information and guidance to lady medical students to promote their aspirations for a surgical career in future. We will assist members of our Chapter to hone their leadership skills for them to excel in their profession. We also aim to provide charity services to our community. Members are welcome to forward any ideas they have about their preferred activities or ways for our Chapter to move forward.  Please feel free to contact any one of our Committee Members.