• Cardiothoracic Surgery

    CTS PBA Validation
    CTS Training Plan

    General Surgery

    GS PBA 1_Hernia Repair
    GS PBA 2_Varicose Vein Surgery
    GS PBA 3_Appendicectomy
    GS PBA 4_Cholecystectomy
    GS PBA 5_Upper GI - Patch Repair for Perforated Peptic Ulcer
    GS PBA 6_Upper GI - Emergency Gastrectomy
    GS PBA 7_Upper GI - Plication of Bleeder
    GS PBA 8_Upper GI - Gastrojejunostomy for gastric outlet obstruction
    GS PBA 9_Thyroidectomy
    GS PBA 10_Hemorrhoidectomy
    GS PBA 11_Bowel Resection and Anastomosis
    GS PBA 12_Breast Cancer Surgery - Simple Mastectomy
    GS PBA 13_Breast Cancer Surgery - Axillary Dissection
    GS PBA 14_Breast Cancer Surgery - Wide Local Excision
    GS PBA 15_Breast Cancer Surgery - Modified Radical Mastectomy
    GS CBD Form


    NEURO Yr 1_PBA 1_Burr Hole Drainage_Form
    NEURO Yr 1_PBA 1_Burr Hole Drainage_Validation
    NEURO Yr 1_PBA 2_VP shunt_Form
    NEURO Yr 1_PBA 2_VP shunt_Validation
    NEURO Yr 2_PBA 3_Supratentorial Craniotomy_Form
    NEURO Yr 2_PBA 3_Supratentorial Craniotomy_Validation
    NEURO Yr 2_PBA 4_Laminectomy_Form
    NEURO Yr 2_PBA 4_Laminectomy_Validation
    NEURO Yr 3_PBA 5_Retrosigmoid Craniotomy_Form
    NEURO Yr 3_PBA 5_Retrosigmoid Craniotomy_Validation
    NEURO Yr 3_PBA 6_Pterional Approach to Expose the Ipsilateral ICA_Form
    NEURO Yr 3_PBA 6_Pterional Approach to Expose the Ipsilateral ICA_Validation
    NEURO CEX Form


    TURP Record
    TURBT Record
    URS Record
    PCNL Record
    Simple Laparoscopic Urological Surgery
    Simple Laparoscopic Urological Surgery Record
    Major Laparoscopic Urological Surgery
    Major Laparoscopic Urological Surgery Record
    URO CBD Form
    URO Training Plan
    URO Explanatory notes on Training Plan

    Plastic Surgery

    Guidelines on PBA for HST in Plastic Surgery
    PLS PBA_Breast reconstruction and pedicle flap
    PLS PBA_Burn excision_scar release
    PLS PBA_Common assessment form
    PLS PBA_Excision of facial skin cancer and reconstruction
    PLS PBA_Facial fracture
    PLS PBA_Laser surgery application and safety
    PLS CBD Form
    PLS mini-CEX Form